Italian Sausage and Veggie Bake

This recipe was inspired by “Bravo for Paleo”


Italian Sausage and Veggie Bake

  • 1 Pkg Sheltons Turkey Italian Sausage (@$6 at Herb Thyme)
  • 2 T Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Organic Yellow Onion (<$1 at Meijer)
  • 1 Head Organic Broccoli – cut to florets (@$6 at Produce Depot)
  • 1 Organic Zucchini Squash – diced large (@$1 at Produce Depot)
  • 1 can Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes – diced (@$2 at Meijer)
  • Italian Seasoning, Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook Sausage with 1/2″ water in covered frying pan until water cooks out and sausage begins to brown.  Remove sausage, keeping them warm.  Heat olive oil in same pan and saute onions, broccoli and zucchini until just tender.  Add Fire roasted tomatoes and seasoning.  Pour vegetables into baking dish and top with italian sausage.   This dish is great for making ahead … just reheat at 350 F oven for 20 minutes before serving.

Serves 4 at approx. $4 per serving


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