Why organic food?

I realize you might be asking “Just what inspired you to become an all-organic girl?”  Well, first … I viewed a 20 minute story about food allergies that really rang true with me:

“TEDxMileHigh – Robyn O’Brien – Patriotism on a Plate

And then, I happened upon a documentary called “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (2012)”.  I first found a short summary on youtube, but it has disappeared 😦

The full movie, however, is definitely worth a watch.   I caught it at a free screening at my local library.  I was amazed by the links to allergies, disease, fertility issues and more … that remain largely unknown by the general public.   You can find information on the full movie at Netflix, or abridged versions (and information on free screenings around the country) on gmoawareness.org or responsibletechnology.org.  Below is a link to AMAZON, where you can purchase the DVD:


In between, I have also watched a number of other documentaries including “KING CORN” (you can view it on YouTube as a trailer or a full length film) and many others that are now available online at “TOP DOCUMENTARY FILMS“.  I encourage you to give them a view.


The real eye opener for me is that Genetically Modified food is hidden in almost all of the foods we “normally” eat and not only are they NOT nutritious, but our bodies cannot process them- and a growing number of people (including me) believe they are toxic. So if you want to eliminate them you have to give up all the “normal” food we eat (pop, chips, bread, crackers, cereal, cereal bars, salad dressings, condiments, cookies etc). And go back to food as it occurs in nature.

Since I found this information, I buy organic meats and eggs and produce … Not much else :). I’m also VERY picky about the oils I choose because there are GMO’s in almost all of them if they are not labeled specifically ORGANIC or NON-GMO.   I have adopted my basics from the paleo plan, and you can view the specifics at http://www.whole9life.com. Go to testimonials – it is pretty impressive 😊

So … I work toward a Pure Paleo and Mostly Organic diet …. food inspired by and Nourished by Nature!

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