Paleo Asian Meatballs with Pea Pods


Paleo Asian Meatballs with Pea Pods

I was craving some asian flavor this week … and found a great new favorite!  The original recipe by Stupid Easy Paleo called for pork … but I had chicken (it worked just fine!).  I also omitted the fish sauce, because I did not have any.   I’m telling you.  This is a great go-to recipe that will make a great lunch, dinner or a fun little appetizer, too!

  • 1 lb. Free Range Ground Chicken ($8 from US Wellness Meats)
  • 2 Organic Green Onions, sliced thin ($1 from Meijer)
  • 2 teaspoons Coconut Aminos (<$1 from Amazon)
  • 2 teaspoons Sesame Oil (<$1 from Meijer)
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Organic Coconut Oil (< $1 from Amazon)

Combine chicken, onions, coconut aminos and sesame oil.  Mix until just combined.  Roll about 1 heaping Tablespoon into meatballs.  Brown meatballs in coconut oil over medium heat.  Transfer to covered baking dish and finish cooking in 350 F. oven for 10 minutes.

I sautéed fresh pea pods using the delicious pan drippings.  It made the perfect combination.

Serve with sesame seeds and hot chili oil or sweet chili dipping sauce if you like.  Mine were delicious just as is!

Serves 4 people at approx $3 per serving.

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