It’s Small Business Saturday, today!

It’s Small Business Saturday, today!  According to wikipedia, Small Business Saturday was first observed on November 27, 2010.   I fully support the movement to raise awareness that we DO vote with our dollars every time we make a purchase.  If you want your local retailers to STAY IN BUSINESS – it is up to you and me to shop there.  So, I believe in shopping local whenever possible.

Organic Pomegranate

Organic Pomegranate

Did I venture up to the very busy shopping mall today?  No.  I visited my very favorite locally owned and operated Produce Depot in St. John, IN.   I bought ALL ORGANIC  fruits and veggies:  strawberries, pomegranats, date rolls, green peppers, arugula salad, grape tomatoes, broccoli, spaghetti squash, red onion and garlic.  No other retailer around here takes the time to stock as many fresh organic items, and I (for one) greatly appreciate them.  I am ready to cook for the week!


Oh!   While not organic, I also purchased  DaBecca Roast Beef – a local company (based in Chicago) that produces incredibly delicious lunchmeat without nitrites, hormones or antibiotics.  Check out the nutrition label on this product!  This lunchmeat tastes fabulous and is “whole 30 compliant”!

Shop Local, folks!

The Loft – Zionsville, IN

My daughter recently moved to Indianapolis and found a truly fabulous place to meet for dinner last week in Zionsville, IN.  It is a farm-to-table restaurant with a strong organic emphasis.   If you care about quality food, caring preparation and artful presentation … and are anywhere nearby (and by that I mean if you can get there by plane, train or auto) you should definitely go!



We started with a great organic wine (Badger Mountain) and a seasonally wonderful Autumn Salad.  Every bite was better than the one before.  It was hard to choose the entree, but I went for the Venison, with “bacony spaghetti squash” (yes, I do believe everything is better with bacon!) and my daughter chose the Filet with blue cheese butter.  Well, why not?  They are known for their award winning cheese.  As, expected … both were amazing!

We actually forgot to order our appetizer, so that left room for dessert!  Of course, homemade ice cream!  It conjured up all my childhood memories of homemade ice cream at my Grandparents’ farm in Southern Illinois – a time and place where real ingredients were grown or raised right there …   AHHHH!  I will definitely be going back 🙂

PS – if you want to plan your trip, here is a link: