Holiday Baking Traditions Revised!


Confession:  I spent decades working in the retail grocery business, and I know that this weekend the baking aisles are packed with people buying up all the ingredients to bake cookies and Christmas treats.  I no longer get cravings for sweet treats (No, I cannot believe I really said that – but it is true!)  But this time of year, I miss the ACTIVITY of preparing sweet treats to share with friends and neighbors. So … here’s the plan:

I have created a PINTEREST account, devoted to “Holidays done the Paleo Way”.  There are some interesting recipes I’ve found.  Many I have tested.  Others are on the list.  I will make every effort to make them with organic ingredients – because I feel better when I do!

So … I’m off to join the others at the supermarket!

Happy Holiday Traditions 🙂

Let me know if you have others that I should add to the list!