It’s been quite a journey!

What a difference 24 months can make!
What a difference 24 months can make!

The quest for better health has led me in many different diet-directions over the years.  When it comes to DIETS …  literally, I think I’ve tried them all.  Vegetarian – low fat – no fat – calorie restriction (with many different twists – complete with all the calorie counting and measuring and logging of food) and even a full 6 months eating no-fat-vegan.

I found the Paleo diet/lifestyle mid year in 2012. Since that time I have adapted to a new method of food preparation and eating that I believe has brought *and will continue to bring* good health and much happiness to all who will indulge!    I know I am showing up a little late to the NON-GMO party, but as I began to incorporate strictly organic foods and eliminated pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and other “foreign” non-foods I found my health improve dramatically.  Immediately.

So … what I am passionate about is CLEAN eating:  My personal RX for almost any ailment is an ORGANIC-PALEO diet.  Of course, you’ll hear more about that later 😉

I am completely convinced that “clean”/organic eating is responsible for my continued improved health – not to mention better energy/better sleep/no food cravings/no swelling & edema/no shortness of breath/no heart palpitations/no allergic symptoms/no cold-hot flashes/no uncontrolled sweating (I will spare you a complete list)  …. and as you might guess, I want to share this great feeling with the world. I had not realized how very sick I had become until I finally surrendered to nutritious eating.

My biggest frustration has been in sourcing good, fresh, organic, nutrient-rich ingredients.  I have found that organic – clean – paleo eating does not have to be complicated or expensive.  I hope I will be able to demystify my newfound love of better health through better food and share some of the wonderful tasty dishes with recipes with this blog …. so more can enjoy the benefits along with me!


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  1. Hey Linda … finally had a chance to read this and enjoyed looking at all your yummy recipes – I love the photos! I have never felt like I could afford to go organic, some day I hope to have a place where I can have my own garden though! Keep up the good work – sure enjoy all the information – thanks! Kim Johnson

  2. Hi!

    I noticed you had some of the same symptoms as me that you linked to fodmaps (cold feet), which is a connection that I recently made as well. However I notice that your recipes now include many fodmaps again (onions, garlic, etc.), could you tell me if eliminating fodmaps for a while permanently solved this for you or were you able to narrow down your symptoms to a number of more specific foods? If you managed to solve your fodmap intolerance, I would be very interested in hearing your experiences…

    • Hi! I cannot say for sure that fodmaps are the cause of my symptoms. Eliminating them did help ease many issues, but my complaints would sneak back in (less frequently, I think) even with the low fodmap plan. My Dr. has now convinced me that it may be more of a “CARB” issue. I am currently experimenting to see if the carb theory is more correct for me. If you have any insight, please share.

      • Hi, thanks for your reply! This seems like a pretty tricky issue.. I’m convinced that my symptoms are somehow food-related, possibly something to do with some bacterial imbalance, but I’m still experimenting to see what triggers it exactly. I’m currently trying a very strict FODMAP diet to see if I can narrow it down to specific foods, since I’ve noticed that there is a lot of conflicting information about the FODMAP contents of different foods out there and intolerances seem to be very individual. Also I was doing paleo AIP for a while which happens to eliminate a lot of FODMAPs (mostly nuts and seeds which seem to be a big issue for me) and that definitely improved my symptoms. I’m somehow hoping that FODMAP elimination might shift my microbiome to restore some kind of balance so I can add in more foods again, which seems to be what happened for some people… I would be interested in hearing how things go with the low-carb theory, you’re welcome to email me if you want.

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